Sometimes we all need to recalibrate, to rearrange our thoughts to create some new inspiration for some positive momentum. This is something I know very well about myself and last week, for the first time since this temporary way of life, I started to hit a wall. I felt tired, a bit cranky, annoyed and impatient. All traits I possess, not my favorites, but they come out to play once in a while.

There were many factors pushing me to hit that wall and felt some burn out while knowing the rain and lack of sunshine was just the icing on the cake. I checked the weather all week was enthuastic over the fact that there would be sunshine and warm days for Saturday and Sunday.

When I start to feel out of line with my vibrations, I know it is time to take a beat, stop everything and just be own my thoughts, clear my mind and formulate a new plan to redirect myself back to the most positive mindset and head space possible. The mindset that allows me to thrive and share nothing but good vibrations all around me.

I decided I would take the weekend off and focus on some time outside, to reconnect with Mother Nature. Day 1 would include no phone and day two would be a slow ease back into communications with my friends. I wanted to take some time to read outside and create some notes of minor adjustments I would need to re-align myself or as I like to say “recalibrate.”

I had big plans to do a lot of nothing, that included bike rides, tanning, reading and going to bed early. Yes, this may sound boring to some, but when you go at my pace, sometimes this is part of the mandatory reset function, to rest and recharge. I was in bed Saturday night at nine o’clock and I  slept so well.

While I was enjoying mother nature, I made a little list of things I wanted to rearrange in my routine, see what things I need more of and what I need less of. Let’s start with less. Information was my first thought.. It was clear as day, information. I need to go on an information diet. My daily routine has been coffee in bed while reading the news for forty five minutes to an hour. I realized that when I started doing this there was a lot less sad and potentially frightening news and that time I was spending was starting my day with low vibrations. So, Sunday morning, instead of reading the news, I turned on soft music and enjoyed my coffee just being still. Thinking positive thoughts, thinking about my friends all over the world and just having fun with my thoughts. I will read the news during my lunch break and gather information that I may need and move on with my day.

I realized the music inspired me and I wanted to write a blog post, so I did. Next thing you know my chores were almost done and the sun was starting to come out, so off I went on a nice ten mile bike ride. The fresh air, the flowers, the green grass, all just happy things and me in the right frame of mind to appreciate them. I had to stop and snap this shot to share, just so pretty!


So, the more… I need more out door time, fresh air, time with nature, even if it is just a walk, I need to be ready to get it in. There are some really nice outdoor patio areas and a roof top where I live. No matter how busy I am, I am committed through this recalibration to at least thirty minutes a day outside, weather permitting. I also need to read more, I love the escape of a good book and I realized Saturday that nothing clears my mind like falling into a good book.

These may seem like minor adjustments, but they will add up to creating a strong flow of good energy along with a sense of pride that I am here and willing to coach myself, communicate with myself and most important not let my frustrations get the best of me. We all have them, it is how we bounce back and how quickly that we bounce that counts.

After working my summer job all weekend – MY TAN, LOL!!!! I felt so good from the sun, recharged, the fresh air, the time away from technology, I woke upon today full of energy and excited for the week.