My 1st Quarantine Birthday…

As you may know, Saturday May 9th was my Birthday and like everyone out there with a recent birthday, it was a quarantine birthday. So far, I have had mixed reviews when having conversations about people who have already had a recent, quarantine birthday.

Friday night right before bed I checked the weather app and discovered a decent four to five hour window of straight sun, but there was a chance of snow later in the day and a high of forty one degrees during those hours of sun. Regardless, I knew I would make great use of that time and make something fun happen outside solo.

When I woke up Saturday morning, my phone was flooded with messages from friends, some videos and some singing voicemails. I was having the time of my life just drinking my coffee, going through my messages and feeling a warm hug of love all around me.

It was then I decided I would take a bike ride, but not alone, with everyone. I got all my gear ready, plugged in my Go Pro to be sure it was fully charged, checked my memory card and hopped on social media to check in and say hi, but I didn’t reveal our secret plans to bike ride together. To my delight it was happening again, flooded with messages, even some singing birthday video messages and it was so beautiful.

Before you know it I was putting on layers on layers, to brace the cold to go out for a bike ride while wearing my Go Pro. Off I went and as much as I love riding the bike through Central Park, I loved it even more on my birthday. I was so focused on getting footage that really made you feel you were with me. I would try to slowly look side to side so you could see all around me and it really had all the feel that I was giving a solo virtual tour.

It was really windy and it was brisk AF, but I felt that same warmth thinking back to all of my messages. It was almost hard to imagine the quarantine birthday thing, because honestly, I felt like everyone was with me on my ride and I knew I would have even more birthday wishes waiting for me when I got home.

As excited as I was to be on the bike ride, I could not wait to get home, to my computer and check the content that I had shot. It takes a minute to have accuracy wearing a go pro. I realize my head is down more when riding the bike so I try to over compensate so you get a good look. You would laugh, but I take my phone and hold it up using the camera to check the angle once I have mounted my go pro on my hat.

My venture was a success and I was super hype to send my footage to my editor in California K. K is like my Swiss army knife. I can ask any question, technology, app, content related and K will walk me through it. K trained me on my Go pro when we took that awesome trip to Alaska. Content takes about an hour to upload and then potentially another hour on the other end to download, so I had two hours to shower, make something to eat and map out the rest of the day. I was already pretty satisfied with my first quarantine birthday.

Over the next two hours I enjoyed more messages and scheduled time to FaceTime with friends. It was then I realized something very special. I have had so many fun birthdays and so many locations, but they are usually pretty hectic and I am one to be present with those I am with, so I often don’t get to connect with everyone on my actual birthday. Many time I actually respond to messages the following day, potentially with a hangover, lol.

This, very unique, first and hopefully only, quarantine birthday may have just been my best yet. This may be a lot to handle, you may think I am losing it, but let me offer you this explanation. I spent from two in the afternoon, till three in the morning on the phone or FaceTime with my friends. It was spectacular. Some had me outside with them so I could see the weather where they are, as I was able to put my phone to my window and they got to see some snow fall. Yes, after my bike ride there was snow! I loved the warmth I felt from the love of my friends all day and night, from social media all day and night. It was all so very special, so unique and something that could only be possible in a time like this when we are all just forced to be still.

Back to the bike ride, I suggest a jacket, like I said, cold AF – Here is the VIDEO