1st Day OUT…

1st Day Out..

Here we are, in some states at a different point in the re-opening phases, this week some offices re-opened in NYC. It is a slow return for most, but this week, I had scheduled a podcast interview and for the first time in months, I had the option, interview over zoom from home or in person at the office.

I will admit when I was first asked, I wasn’t sure. I actually had to take a beat and give it some thought. So, I went about my morning, got in my workout and when it came time for me to make lunch, I did some good thinking. Side Bar: I do a lot of good thinking while I make the perfect power salad for my lunch. 🙂

As I was chopping vegetables, I thought about the purpose of why I was so excited to be a part of this podcast, let me explain. Ev and I met through Barstool and we jumped into the next level of friendship when I invited him into a fantasy football league. He was a guest on my show the night of the draft and an awesome one at that. Throughout the football season, our fantasy football league kept us connected.

Flash forward from then to quarantine. One of my absolute favorite follows was Big Ev he started to put out these killer workout posts and was so inspiring, motivating and fun. Through that process he not only lost 60 lbs, but by reading the threads to his posts, I realized he inspired many with his creativity during the down time. We would communicate from time to time and as always nothing but positive vibes with each chat. Half way through all of this he had hernia surgery, putting him on the sidelines from his workouts, while staying so totally relevant on Tik Tok.

This young man is just joy, happiness, friendship, loves his girlfriend, his family and now has created this new, inspiring movement, how could I NOT want to interview with him In person.

The decision was made.

I sent a text that said this “Since the thought of seeing you in person brings me joy, let’s do it!”

Flash forward to the present moment of the interview. As soon as I woke up I realized I was excited to have a timeline. I had to be ready in time for a conference call that would end five minutes before I had to head out the door. I got in an early workout and started to think about what I wanted to wear. I knew I wanted to wear new shoes, since I have bought so many online shopping in quarantine and the pair I had my heart set on were a cute pair of summer wedges. With the outfit curated around the shoes, I went back to a romper I bought in Italy that I love. I picked out a pair of earrings and could feel my energy soar with excitement as I was getting ready.


We texted in the morning and confirmed our time and as I arrived at Barstool, to be expected, Ev was in clear view of the door to let me in. It was so incredible to see him, though I watched his weight loss online, seeing him in person was next level. He looked refreshed, healthy and even happier than the last time I saw him. All of this, in the very first moments of out interactions, made me so sure that being in person was the right option.

It was a great interview, a couple minutes to catch up with a couple people in passing and as I was headed down in the elevator, putting my mask back on and getting ready to walk outside, I had that strong reminder how interactions with the people we value can elevate our vibrations. I felt elated the entire rest of the day and smiled over my decision to feel that joy.

Now, some disclaimers:
-Yes, we did take a photo without a mask, do your best not to mask shame us. I am wearing mine everywhere I go, but after we did the interview – in a room socially distanced- we took a quick pic. Next: I am still limiting my exposure, I am not jumping in with two feet. I will still do a lot of work from home, but from time to time, in unique situations, this risk may sometimes be worth the reward. Today was one of those cases.

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See .. I do wear a mask!