The Lisa Ann Experience…

“Lisa Talks Too Much”

That statement, often written in red ink, landed on every progress report and report card throughout my school years. That statement led to endless conversations with teachers, principals and my parents and sometimes landed me in a little in school detention!

Well, look at me now, I talk for a living! I wish I could make wallpaper out of those reports as a celebration that back then, I was really just finding my voice, I had a lot to say and still do.

This talking too much thing has landed me a really cool gig with SiriusXM talking Fantasy Sports and now with the help of SiriusXM and Pandora I get to bring back my podcast, THE LISA ANN EXPERIENCE opening the door for my voice to have a reach beyond sports!

Getting back in the game with my podcast led me to a lot of thinking and a careful selection of my first round of guests. I knew I needed to lean on the inspiration of others so I began reaching out to my friends who have inspired and motivated me in the past.

Episode 1 is a very special one. My guest not only is a friend, but at one time he hired me to write a column for an online publication Stashed. I learned a lot through writing that column and that gig not only built my confidence as a writer, but it inspired me to read, setting the goal in 2016 to read a book a week, which I did.

I have so much respect and gratitude for Kaz and I could not be happier we were able to record this podcast for you. You will hear us talking about a recent interview on his podcast

SAY LESS with KAZ .. I hope that just as Kaz inspired me to write and read more,  this interview will inspire you to listen to his podcast and feel his inspiration.

To add a pop of delight to The LISA ANN EXPERIENCE I have a friend join each episode to read me the questions for the Ask Lisa Ann Segment. I love this little addition and know that you will too.

As I was told “Lisa talks too much” in my early years, I will be spending my later years celebrating just that. Once a week I will do just that for you on my podcast.

I hope that you enjoy our weekly visits and if you do, please like and subscribe to my podcast ….



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Many years of friendship & Photos of Me & Kaz!!