Musuem of ice cream

  In the spirit of having fun while continuing to showcase all of the magic in NYC, I decided to visit The Museum of Ice Cream. 

This Museum of Ice Cream Tour starts with a detailed walk through of what to expect, the rules while enjoying the event and the importance of a name. Everyone has an ice cream name. A flavor, you can pick an actual flavor or you can make up something random. We walked into the room to see a wall of creative ice cream name choices. We knew we had to step up our game. I went with “Sweet like Sunshine” photo below. 

Once you have an ice cream name, you walk into this cool bar like set up where you are offered to choose between a soft serve ice cream cone or a hot chocolate. One caveat, for protocol’s, the eating area is outside. It was a cold day but for some reason, at eleven in the morning, visiting a museum of Ice Cream it would be lame to go hot chocolate. 

From there to stairs, from stairs to a beautiful room with music playing and incredible lighting. This place is a social media dream come true with a staff giving you the play by play as you wander. I wandered through the magical little escape enjoying every picture moment I could capture. 

The tour ends with at a life size pool of sprinkles that has a slide a diving board! There is a life size bowl of ice cream that I got into to toss around some balloons, some swings, a putting green etc. So Much FUN!!!. It was the perfect day to play!

yes,  more Ice Cream & it was spectacular. If you live in the city and you are looking to get out or maybe you want to add this to your future list of places to visit when you come back to NYC. The Museum of Ice Cream has a super sweet stamp of approval from me!!!