I have been called a gym rat many times before and it is something that could never offend me. That became a fact when I realized what a loss I felt when they gyms were all closed and we were all quarantining and trying to figure out how to get in a good workout at home. 

Now that I have been back at the gym for the past four months, I have had some time to really get back into that headspace and understand why and how my love for the gym is so much deeper and I have no regrets about being a gym rat. 

I slowly eased my self back into weights using machines by ticking up my weight by 10lbs to get back to where I was at this time last year. I am finally there; this week is my toughest week. The last 10lbs forces a good nap about four hours after my work out for recovery. 

I love to work out first thing in the morning about an hour after I wake up. I take that time at the gym to mentally prepare myself for the day. I spend my first 30-45 minutes focused on weights and then I follow with some cardio, bike, treadmill, stairs, elliptical, rowing machine, I mix it all up. 

As I close out my workout doing cardio, which is pretty brainless, I recap my schedule for the day, what I hope to accomplish through the day. By the time I am taking my post workout shower I am ready to tackle the day. If I have free time later in the day, I will get in either a walk (weather permitting) or I will hit the pool or shoot hoops. That extra kick of movement after being at my desk all day feels great! 

The added bonus of the mental aspect of working out takes it to more than just a workout for me. It is how I power up for the day and how I stay powered up for life. I love to be in shape both mentally and physically and being a gym rat allows me to do just that!