spring cleaning

There is something so exciting l about the first touch of spring after a brutal, cold winter. We had a beautiful stretch of warm sunny weather here in the city and it brought me back to growing up in Pennsylvania and the enthusiasm I had towards the first warm weekend and spring cleaning. 

This special event “spring cleaning”  meant all heavy winter clothes, coats, sweaters, all winter gear would be sorted, packed up and taken to storage. When I was young, that was my first sign that summer was close. I knew the days would be longer and pretty soon we would be out of school, sleeping in and playing late. It was less about the actual clothes and more about the freedom of summer. Like the worst chore with the best reward.

Now, after living out west for years, I embrace the seasons back east. The fall ignites the wardrobe with the first layer of accessories, that will later be one of many layers. I love the style of fall and winter, but as it comes and goes and like any on and off relationship, you reach a point where you are done! At least for now. 

After watching the weather all week, I had big Saturday plans for myself. I opened all my windows and enjoyed the weather while I went through my closets and drawers, packing up winter with the hopes that my actions were sealing the deal. Anyone who has lived in this climate knows winter could return at any moment, so I did plan ahead and leave a winter survival set up in my apartment. 

As I started to take inventory of my winter gear, I was mindful about the things I actually used this season vs what I didn’t. Since adopting the lifestyle of minimalism, I know that something that may not bring value to me may bring value to someone else. After dividing what I was keeping and what I would be donating, I got out my favorite vacuum seal bags for my clothes I would be taking to storage and got to work. These things are incredible and with sweaters being bulky and hard to fold, they hold so much it’s wild and call me a dork if you want, they bring me joy! Lol

After that fun and a couple trips down to my underground storage I was off for my trip to Salvation Army to donate. I was pretty surprised that I found enough things I did not need to fill these four bags, but next season, when I reintroduce myself to my winter collection, I will only have the things I loved making things simpler on the other end next season. I used the phone a friend feature with some items, as my bff loves helping me get rid of things, so the back and forth added to the entertainment of the day and to the bags to be donated!

Mission accomplished; My closets are lighter and my outlook is brighter. 

I have erased most remnants of winter from my current life. Now it is the wait & see approach if mother nature agrees with me, but either way, I will be over here manifesting spring.