no zoom fridays

No Zoom Fridays … 

   In my ongoing studies of evolving and adjusting to the new world, I read an interesting article about no Zoom Fridays. The topic “No zoom Friday’s” is cute, I thought, reminiscent of the introduction of casual Fridays. This topic made me feel some sense of normalcy to a group think about how we will communicate on Fridays. 

It took me two weeks to implement “No zoom Friday’s” because I already some zoom meetings on the books and didn’t feel this little suggestion was enough to create chaos in rearranging anything. Instead, I patiently waited till this Friday to participate in the trend. 

Waking up Friday felt more relaxed; I didn’t have to worry about what I was going to wear or how much time I would spend doing my make-up. Instead, I used that time to shoot hoops after my one-hour workout at the gym. 

I had an Ah-Ha moment while on the gym’s rowing machine. If all of my communication will be email and phone, I can do my laundry without any concern about the background noise. I also could fold my laundry while I was on a couple of calls as multitasking is NOT something even in the realm of possibilities while staring at your zoom call. 

This past year has taught us a lot about adjusting, but before any boredom sneaks in, mixing it up like this was really fun. I worked in comfy clothes all day, I had just a little make-up on, and my hair was in a bun all day. My laundry was done entirely and put away by 5 pm, and I had a different vision of my weekend! 

So, the little experiment conducted over here, and I am all in! I plan to ride this wave through the summer!