Saturday Mornings

Saturday Mornings …

I have a very unique and passionate relationship with Saturday Mornings. I fantasized about Saturday mornings my last couple of years that I was on the road a lot. I thought about what it would be like to sleep on a little bit, make a coffee, lay in bed, read and relax. I thought about opening my windows, stripping my bed, and putting on fresh sheets. All of these thoughts added up because from very early in my life, I made my money on the weekends, and I am pretty sure that I slept 75% Saturday’s away for 30 years of my life. 

 Flash forward to later in my career on the road, as the clubs were open later, I would be getting in from the club as the sun was coming up. There would already be breakfast served with people hustling and bustling around the hotel. I would think, do these people know it is still yesterday to me? That is how I looked at being up all night, and my next day didn’t start until I actually got some sleep. 

Saturdays also meant I would need to sleep as late as possible because Saturday night, I would have about a four-hour window from getting off stage for my last show to getting on to my flight to get home. That was life on the road, and for many years I loved it, but at the same time, I knew deep down inside knowing this hard work was going to allow me to have my weekends back and live them however I choose. 

Those fantasies of the simplicity of my future weekends never left my mind, and I still think back to them every single Saturday morning. I will never take having my weekends around for granted. Now that the weather is nice, I am back out in the park on a bike. I take my time at the gym and get in some time shooting hoops. Every Saturday, as I wake up with no alarm clock and look back to many nights on stage, the visual I had then, and the reality have now. It is even better than I imagined it could be.