The Sounds Of The City

As I sat outside reading yesterday evening I was carefully noting the sounds of the city. With each day it is a bit louder, with more movement and energy.

As a young girl my anticipate arriving in the city for a school field trip or a Broadway show was all about the sounds. I would stand totally still and just listen.

There is a noticeable sound in any big city that vibrates and echoes from building to building. Add in the sirens, the honking, loud car stereo, a horse drawn carriage and constant construction and you have a real symphony of a city sound. 

To some it may just sound like noise but to me it was an exhilarating mixture of energy moving all around me. It would, and still does, make my heart race. 

When everything was very still I would walk outside and hear barely anything other than my footsteps. It was unnerving, not what I love about this city.

I shot this video for my YouTube last year to share the silence: LINK HERE

As things are opening up, people are back out, offices are opening I feel the energy get more intense as the days go by. It feels right.

Watching the sunset with a good book and falling into the sounds of the city was the perfect wrap up to the weekend!

BTW: I was very fortunate to get this book as a pre release from the Minimalists. I love each book of theirs more than the last. I enjoyed highlighting things I will share with you all in a video book review when I finish. I took these two pics to show the difference of the sunset I got to enjoy as I read. #LovePeopleUseThings