So they say age is just a number – and tho I agree, I have some counterpoints I would like to address. 

Age – brushed off as just a number ignores the main fact – age is actually a gift. The most precious of gifts …

When we receive a precious gift, we tend to make a conscious effort to care for it. We store it carefully, check on it often, and usually love it more than other gifts we have received in the past.

This is where I get to debate my points.

As we age, we require more care, more balance, and more rest. To brush it off as if it just happens doesn’t guarantee you will reach the goal (my goal) to age gracefully. 

There are many things I have been doing for years of my life, like working out regularly, taking care of my skin and hair, and maintaining a healthy diet. Those actions no longer take thought, as they are already habits. 

As the years tick by, I am always learning new things and listening to my body. Over the past couple of years, the things I have learned have taken my well-being to the next level.

Over the holiday weekend, I had a friend stay with me. We shopped, ate, had cocktails, and laid in the sun for the 4th of July, enjoying the fireworks from my rooftop. We had a ton of fun, but with me, moderation is key. So the trip was thoughtfully planned. 


I cushioned the holiday break with a solo ME day which was The observed holiday on Monday, July 5th. It was scheduled as my day to recalibrate before everyone gets back to work and the hustle and bustle reignite.

I got up at 6 am, read my morning news while enjoying my coffee, took some extra time at the gym, did thirty minutes in the sauna post-workout, and made a smoothie with all of my vitamins immediately following. 

I spent the first half of the day tidying up my apartment, doing laundry and chores while I listened to The Football Diehards on demand. (The July 4th weekend is embedded in my brain has time to get real serious about the upcoming fantasy football season)

After my chores and a little work was done to prepare for my week ahead. Then around 3 pm, I turned off my phone and turned on some relaxing spa music, sliced some cucumber to add to my water and got cozy on my big chair, and found my peace relaxing in some reading. 

Reading is such a quiet escape that it leaves me centered, calm, relaxed, and happy. I read straight through till bedtime.

I was in bed by 9, relaxed enough to fall right asleep, and bounced out of bed at 5 am this morning to get a coffee and read the last two chapters and completed the book.

Every day, people mention how good I look for my age; as much as I want to say “age is just a number,” I don’t. I convey this message instead “aging with grace comes with a mindful understanding to take better care of myself than I did the year before, not to take anything for granted and always remember aging is a precious gift!” 

The health habits I created young have become the fiber of my life, but my adult habits of not being decadent more than two days in a row include eating out, drinking, and staying up late. I now know my limits, have a clear understanding of them, and factor them in as a part of aging gracefully. 

Anything that ages requires more care, your car, your home, you appliances etc – you catch my drift here. 

So to minimize the importance of self-care to enhance your wellbeing as you age is a reckless way to care for such a precious gift. 

So yes, age is just a number but no it won’t happen gracefully if you disregard it as anything less than a gift! 

Love People, Use Things

Another Win from The Minimalists, I highly Suggest you read and enjoy it as much as I did!