The Lisa Ann Experience

Here we go back in action together with my podcast and the introductory episode for my return will also be an introductory episode into me, my life, my personal adventures, and the chaos that ensued as I took a couple of months off. 

The return of The Lisa Ann Experience is also a sign of my newfound independence as I have taken my podcast into my own hands allowing me to expand the ways to consume my podcast. 

Wednesday’s you will have the time to listen solo, just like in the past, but Friday’s as I release the episode along with the video component on my YouTube as a live premiere, we will be able to sit in the chat and talk along the way. 

This extra feature is going to give me a chance to answer questions and openly discuss everything covered on each episode. I have already interviewed some guests for future episodes and have been scouring the internet for interesting people to share with you weekly. 

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