Reading is my great escape. Reading centers, and relaxes my mind and soothes, my soul. While at the same time I feel relaxed, I feel charged by expanding my mind as I take in the new information.

One catch, that I have just come to realize, what I am reading matters. As I sat with that thought over the weekend, I decided this week to start something new and create a better habit. 

Let’s start with the habit. I have had a habit for many years of my life, where I start my day, drinking my coffee and reading the news. Last week it hit me, though I want to be informed, I also want to start my day on a higher frequency. That thought helped me face the reality that maybe the news is not the best way to start the day.   

Now to the new habit. I planned to still enjoy my coffee while I read, but what I decide to read will be very different.

Sunday night, I added a new stack of books to my nightstand. Positive, mindful books, on that higher frequency, to start my day the right way. The top of the stack, a book I started over the weekend, The Greatest Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. 

The Greatest Secret

If you haven’t read The Secret yet, first what are you waiting for, second, you can also watch the doc on Netflix. The Secret was released in 2006 and I have been a super fan of the teachings since then. The Secret changed my life and now I have The Greatest Secret to add the finishing touches on what I already love. 

I woke up Monday morning, got my coffee, climbed back in bed to open my book, mind, and spirit for the day, and right away I felt different. There was a moment where I almost picked up my phone and started to read the news, but I told myself I can read the news over my lunch break and I went back to reading my book.

It takes time to create a new habit, but this one feels so good, after just a couple of days, I know this new habit is going to stick right away. I am already feeling the difference in my energy and mindset throughout the day. I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I will be reading more books, expanding my mind, and finding my center as I start my day.

It is easy to forget the beauty and simplicity of being still, opening a book, and falling into the pages.

PS. YES, I highly recommend the book and all of the teachings of Rhonda Byrne and The Secret.