It all started in the year 2013 when the opportunity presented itself to talk fantasy football on the radio. Before then, I followed football, was born and raised a Dallas Cowboys fan, I watched games, I followed our division but nothing compares to the intensity of the following football to talk and play to win in fantasy football. 

As the summer approaches and the NBA season ends, I know that come August, I will be watching training camp new daily as we know, anything can happen. As of this very moment, we already have a QB going into surgery, and my QB dealing with some shoulder soreness. There is never a day where there is no news. 

I lived my best life this summer spending time with friends, with a mindful awareness that once August started, I would fall into my study schedule and begin to nest again. 

Here I am and it feels so right. 

Yesterday I flashed back to all the incredible projects I tackle while I listen to fantasy sports radio, podcasts, and player interviews. It is a great backdrop for mindless activities like cleaning out a closet or reorganizing my office. Something about the combination of falling into the news updates, reconnecting with my favorite football hosts and shows that brings me to a place of peace and calm while being filled with excitement for the upcoming season. 

Fantasy football is a unique way to stay connected with friends no matter where they live or how often you see them. As I leaned into my new world, I loved the connections I built being in leagues and the incredible amount of fun each league brings into my life. Let the smack talk begin and that will be totally amplified with some live, in-person drafts this season and I can’t wait. As for the drafts I am doing online, I will be sure to stream them live on my YouTube, so you can be a part of the fun. 

I will be adding more IG Lives through the season at BOVADA and I will also be bringing back my Fantasy Football Fridays. I will keep you well informed through it all and for those of you who want to be challenged weekly, I will also be putting out weekly free DFS Challenges through the entire season.