Walking Buddy

After a long and tedious day at my desk managing content, building updates for my YouTube and some meetings, I stepped out on my patio for some fresh air and realized it was too nice out not to go for a walk.

First, I was faced with my standard “I still have things to do guilt,” so I decided to get two more things done on my list before I left. As I put on my sneakers and was ready to head out the door I felt the excitement to smell the grass in the park and feel the fresh air surrounding me. 

I queued up a fantasy football podcast, put in my earbuds, and was out the door. Once I got in the elevator with a woman I had never seen before in my building, I decided to take out my earbuds and start a conversation. Before we reached the ground level we realized we were both on a mission to celebrate the weather with a walk.

As we walked out of the elevator she said “do you want to walk together?” And just like that, I made a new friend. 

We had a beautiful walk and an even better time sharing little tidbits about our lives, where we have lived, where we like to travel, and our shared love for skiing. 

As we got back to our building, I suggested we exchange numbers and make a point to text each other and meet up for walks. 

The human experience in life can be unpredictable and magical, so simple and so pure. 

I may not have to listen to the podcast, but in reality, if I didn’t do those two last-minute tasks before I left, our paths wouldn’t have crossed and I wouldn’t have made a new friend and walking buddy.

I got home, made dinner, sat down, and thought about how beautiful life can be when we allow it to be.